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Sean was a good guy and I enjoyed working with him. Love is Lit brother.

"You cannot monetize The Network": Facebook Pulls the Plug on Podcast Business After a Year

Dr Naomi Wolf: "Don’t rest too easy, leaders who did wrong, in this bright American sunlight. You don’t get America back as if nothing happened."

I am never posting about my audio setup or problems again. The uninformed and often snarky comments agitate me too much.

Sadly, Linux users (I use Linux as my daily driver) are the worst offenders.

Here's how desperate I am:

I will personally reward a $5000 bounty in Bitcoin to anyone who can make my MOTU Ultralite mk4 work with *any* Linux distro as it does under windows.

@adam really digging the later start for today's show.

79: Pizza Party - Lost Tapez


The interactive newsletter that dives deeper into episode 79: Pizza Party Support at: ...

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