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@adam and John brought this World Economic Forum list of young leaders to out attention months ago.

@adam when I was in high school in the late 90s they officially changed STD to STI - in Seattle at least

My 11 year old daughter found No Agenda on Spotify and is listening in her bedroom. I've never been so proud 🥲😂 I used to force her to listen to @adam and @Johncdvorak in the car, it must have rubbed off!

@Johncdvorak @adam
Your QR code idea? Already using it. In that same fashion.
Even posted about it months ago.

Chapters for episode 1414 of No Agenda have been published. Enjoy the media deconstruction in a modern podcast app available at don’t forget to Boooost! @adam @Johncdvorak

@drebscott @adam @MoeFactz after to listening to this episode, I am hoping we see a 2pac episode in the future. This breakdown of “juicy” will NOT disappoint. Brilliant as always, ohhhhh my Boileau phone is ringing, gotta go!

Chapters for Moe Facts Episode 73 have been published. Check out the changing images as you listen in your favorite Podcasting 2.0 app (Available at Don't forget to Booooost!!! @adam @MoeFactz

@adam Thanks for picking my art 😀
As for a name/letter for that variant: It's probably O'Macron

Moe Factz with Adam Curry - Episode number 73 -- Adam and Moe squeeze hard to get every last drop out of this vast conspiracy

"What's good enough for the NBA, is good enough for YOUR employer"

Chapters for Episode 1413 of No Agenda have been published. Enjoy chapters and images in a modern Podcasting app available at @adam @Johncdvorak

Hey Guys ! Finally got on no agenda social I'm a independent journalist BASED in South Texas . I recently was embedded with the Patriots for America militia . Who patrol the border near Del Rio . It was a very interesting experience not at all what I expected ! Check out my documentary on rumble @adam @Johncdvorak

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