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Podcasting 2.0 Episode 52: Celebrating Our First Anniversary -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on with special board room guest, V4V Podcaster OKIN from Namibia

@adam 20 hours left to preorder my new book. JCD was supposed to share this on here until he locked himself out. 👉👈

Joe Rogan just got COVID but after 3 days of taking all meds seems to be recovering well from it , here he speaks aboot it:


Podcasting Hall-of-Famer Dave Jackson is hosting a Zoom meeting for anyone who wants to understand the podcasting/crypto/value4valule model.

Moe Factz 65 - "Disco Biscuits" -- Adam and Moe take on the takedown of America's Dad. A discussion America needs to have.

PODCASTING 2.0 - Stream Sats To Pods Via Breez Bitcoin Lightning Wallet + More - YouTube

who wrote this letter?

No Agenda DOES help to free one from thinking in political categories, a constraint that almost inevitably brings severe critical myopia, an inability to think or reason

now that was a great letter @adam

@adam for folks considering suing employers over the jab requirement, might want to look at:

( is where they have a playlist breaking down current lawsuits - there are quite a few)

“We’ve been doing this show for 14 years. It’s just restarting!” — @adam 1373

"...possibly one of the worst sound-effect jobs I've ever done.." - @adam

the boys crackin me up today, good stuff

An excellent primer from Gary that all Podcasters must read: "An Introduction to Podcasting 2.0"

The transcript RSS Namespace Extension for Podcasting is now implemented in Omny Studio.

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