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Marty is smart. Read him: Some EU Lawmakers want to outlaw Proof of Work

I thought of another question to ask the door to door inquisition people @adam

"aren't you afraid that going from door to door makes this the countries biggest super spreader event in Covid history? '

With these new namespace tags, podcasters can do more. More with their shows. More with their episodes. More with their audiences.

And best of all; it’s working.

@adam ITALY WINS!! Take that @Johncdvorak !! Adam’s “superior” sport knowledge kicks the puck in the basket!!

@adam As a 27/M millennial I can confirm within my own experience with groups of close friends that they are almost all completely oblivious to a world that exists without the internet being there to fill their every whim. They think lockdowns weren’t that bad because nothing bad happened to THEM. They have no concept on the complex supply chain that needs to be in place just to get a loaf of bread on the table, let alone other products. It’s willful ignorance because they’re not inconvenienced

I believe the mega cities sci-fi story @adam referred to is Asimov’s series which also ties into the series. But I could be wrong. Either way, fantastic books. (And no I won’t be destroying my imagination with what ever Apple is putting out.)


Good day Martin,

You may already be aware, but PodFriend crashes when you try to create a new account and the password has some special characters. It doesn't tell the user that this is the problem, so it took a few tries to figure it out.

A failed account creation included these characters in the password string \ . ' @

I tried on Android beta, Windows & Browser before trying without specials.

5 Things I learned from Bringing my redneck homie to the hood

Moe Factz 64 - "We Are People 2" -- Adam and Moe dive deep into 'misogynoir' in part two of this two part mini-series


@Johncdvorak: Doing corruption well is not that easy.
@adam: It takes skill, people, get some skill.
J: They got no skills, they’re dumb!
A: If you’re gonna corrupt, do it right!

Podcasting 2.0 Episode 45: Pressin' The Flesh and Kissin' Babies -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on joined by Aric for an overview of the new website and much much more!

@Johncdvorak I hand make custom stainless steel travel mugs. I have one design that will help you remember the phrase "circle back" (see pic attached). I'd love to make one for Mimi and send it to you if you think she'd like it. @adam same goes for you if you think Tina would like it. Let me know, gents!

What is ???? Here is how Adam Curry the explains it on the latest episode of "they've got a new thing its like twitter, but no one owns it!" - @adam link to show available at

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