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“Where’s he getting his science from? From Israel. Who’s running Israel’s bio-security state? Pfizer! So this is a Pfizer move…” — @adam 1347

@adam I love that y'all change the art for each show. With the Value 4 Value, I enjoy putting my artistic talent, energies & karma towards the benefit of No Agenda shows. I was STOKED to hear my handle "Nessworks" in the art segment of show #1352 & that John had selected some of my pieces for the newsletter. I got to sign up for the newsletter! Big' up's to Adam & John for all the hard work that goes into the show, huge fan. Thank you for all your information, experience & talent. 👍

Podcasting 2.0 Episode 40: Miami or Bust! -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on with a Bitcoin 2021 preview and full explanation of podping

From the same podcast that brought you an interview with @adam, listen to the history of cryptocurrencies.

@adam The only correct album art for today! Thank You For Your Courage!!! - and you others (you know who you are) - you don't want the accolades, but you get it anyways.

Both of my grandfathers were in WWII and it messed them up, and they each did different things with that.

One let his best friend take his place on a mission because grandpa was scared. Best friend died on that mission. That will fuck with you.

The other was patriot, but a killer.

The effects go on for generations.

"Remember: there are no secrets, only information you don't yet have." — @adam



This leaked study from the EMA shows that the particles are hugely sequestered into the ovaries.

That's right. The ovaries.

(Dankdly111) Pfizer Japanese government study (translated into English) acquired by Dr. Byram Bridle through a freedom of information request:


@Bjorg @adam I have not been wearing a mask since at least June of last year. I've gone to Aldi's and Heb (grocery stores) and gas stations around Huntsville, Tx and I've never been stopped. I have also noticed smiles hiding behind masks. Don't even really get much stink eye, even early on. People are just following rules.

@adam: You will reach herd immunity if all the Republicans die and the rest has vaccinated or has had it. You’re going to reach it.
@Johncdvorak: You’re advocating the Republicans die all along, so what’s the bitch?

@adam I have had similar experiences not wearing a mask in DFW area where most people are still masked. After the state wide mandate was lifted I still wore my neck gaiter in case someone freaked but now I don't even bother with that. Not only has no one said anything, I can see them trying to return my smile. They are just as starved to see non masked faces.

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