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Users Despair at Apple Podcasts App After iOS 14.5 Update -- Don't despair!!

Just got this link from a friend. Thought some might find it useful.

“It’s so transparent: someone’s in trouble, call up the boys over there at the PR desk at the agency, write him a book! You got it, boss! Memoir, when did he have time to write this? On the plane? On the plane to China?” — @adam 1320

@Johncdvorak: Why aren’t you taking the vaccine? Only the stupid Republicans aren’t taking it!
@adam: It’s only one leap from Republican to: not taking the vaccine makes you racist. Guaranteed! Red book! Right now, put it in!

Moe Factz 62 - "Pink Elephant" --Adam and Moe break down the Chauvin trial and expose the proverbial Elephant in the room

@lizzymoda @Johncdvorak @adam

Give us this day our daily boost, and stream us your Satoshis as we stream Satoshis to those who provide value. Lead us not into censorship, but deliver us from advertising. In the name of the Podfather, the Podfriend and the podcast index!

@adam Wow that rainstick worked, we have rain in California!

“They’re just shaping this world that can only be saved by giving the illusion that everybody participates and companies will put people before profits. Uh, no, that’s not how it works. Stakeholder Capitalism, the whole thing is diabolical.” — @adam 1331

Good show day morning!

Join me in the @Johncdvorak's prayer:


Podfather who art in Austin,
@adam be thy name;
Thy podcast come,
Thy show be done on streams as it is in Texas.
Give us this day our biweekly deconstruction and forgive us our douchebaggery as we call out douchebags from among us;
and lead us not into slavery,
but deliver us from deception.

For thine is the podcast, and the prediction and the small amygdala forever and ever.


@lizzymoda @Johncdvorak @adam fisting nuts are the communion wafer and Pabst Blue Ribbon is alter wine.

"Remember: there are no secrets, only information you don't yet have." — @adam

The other Greatest Podcast on the Internet with @adam and some other really smart guy, today with really interesting English folk.

“I like this because you’re not lying. You’re a Covid Survivor because you survived the onslaught of propaganda and bullcrap. It’s not a lie!” — @adam 1339

“Yes, of course you’re tired because you’re completely stressed all the time about not offending anybody and saying the right thing yourself. Yes, I think liberal women are probably exhausted!” — @adam 1339

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