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Dave Jones interview on Podcasting2.0, Lightning Network Value 4 Value paymentents and

I told you it would be bumpy and tears would come.

Moe Factz 56 - "Fishing Polls" -- Adam and Moe Kick off the New Year with a Pot Luck of political Verzuz

@adam: Stop staying that because if anyone's on the wrong side of the history, it's you! You have a lot more history, you're on the wrong side of it.
@Johncdvorak: And I'm happy over here!

"We kind of gloss over the amount of Mac 'n Cheese that is being consumed these days. Very, very, very early on, we identified Mac 'n Cheese as the treat of the future, the slave food, the depression food, and it happened." β€” @adam 1309

First mention of Mac 'n Cheese on the show was on Episode 166. I don't think you guys were onto the meme just yet, though (according to my notes).

@temporaryDouchebag @GluedToTheScreen

Thanks to @Johncdvorak's attempt to make fun of all the conspiracy theory people, I have been able to pull together some information based on @adam's remarks on the items presented. There are three groups of people reporting on Q/17 items. One group is a single source that is dropping custom messages with specific terms tailored to a conspiracy theory audience. Another is DIA itself. And a third is DIA's form of Mockingbird. This movement is YUGE.

@adam: I'm playing the wrong one, damn it!
@Johncdvorak: That was a good clip!
A: No, that's my final clip, that's my kicker and I'm giving it away.
J: Oh, you blew it. You blew your act!
A: I'm editing that part out.

Oh lordy

"I prefer to drink my bugs."


Can't tell y'all how much a needed a good laugh today.

I've had 10 already. THANK YOU @adam @Johncdvorak !

@jennifer @adam @Johncdvorak

One of the funniest shows in a while. Laughed out loud a few times so far!


What a cutie! 😍

Adam and the Keeper are considering dogs and their names are the biggest controversy at present. πŸ˜‚

If you adopt a dog that's already been named, that's different.

But I LOL at the people names that are given to dog by dog owners.


@adam with another great one liner! β€œHow can I even think of replacing you? You have all the money!” 🀣🀣

Better than the original IMHO: SILENT RUNNING By Justin Bellucci

Podcasting 2.0 for January 1st 2021 Episode 18: Taking a Tenet -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on -- Check out the podcasting 2.0 apps and services:

"Remember: there are no secrets, only information you don't yet have." β€” @adam

@adam Hey Adam, Q people believe Alice was found under the Sphinx & was left by aliens and has been used by the elite to stay on top for years. However the elite controlled the media so much that they didn't count on the future giving false info. Which is what happened with Trump. Now Trump's been using it to get on top of the elite. However this could all be a machine that helps a civilization to get to our level and then weed out corruption out of the gov and make aliens have first contact.

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