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The Candyman would like to wish all of you Happy Holidays! (First Happy Holidays candy of the season spotted in my local supermarket today).

#446 - Industrial Society and Its Future


This is an audio reading of “Industrial Society and It's Future”. This was written by Ted Kaczynski in the early 90's and was published in 1995. Intro: The Industrial ...

What a great meetup we had earlier this week in Eindhoven - Strijp-S.

Also a memorable day for me, since it was the first time I actually vaped. It was also right away the last time...coughed my lungs out.

@adam @Johncdvorak over the years you have built a great community of people, sitting around a fireplace with flames of healthy content.

Thank you for being part of my life! You've been there at good times but also helped me to get thru some of life's harder times.

Sales Guy Joep

So I've been watching some Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures (parental privilege). It's hilarious how Ken is portrayed in this show. I've always thought of Ken as the Male equivalent of Barbie, and her love interest. He's good looking, fashionable, smart, rich, and successful. An aspirational character. In this show he's been relegated to the friend-zoned, soyboi cuck from next door. Who spends all his time orbiting Barbie by hanging out with her little sisters. It's pathetic.

ITM y'all! How many days has it been since we needed 14 to slow the curve? Is anyone still keeping track? I've lost count (and my marbles), but we luckily still have No Agenda. They're picking the hits and delivering humor in these nutty times.

TYFYC! xoxo

cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

Animated No Agenda - C-SPAN Has a Hit in the Making! - YouTube

@mike @adam reading this information linked from the movie website. I will be watching this with my kids and going through this info. It’s a good resource

@adam, i loved how many great compliments you got from Joe on JRE,
now i'm listening to NA #1276, its funny to hear JCD complimenting you so much on how good you looked! 😁👍

@brad @CSB @adam @sobr @PhoneBoy What would be really cool is an HTML5 app with all of the shows played on the No Agenda Stream baked in so people could catch up on episodes they haven't caught on the stream.

@MoeFactz doing a followup on the Star Report about the @joerogan discussion on

LOLOLOL!!! Joe Rogan gets WAY TOO DRUNK with Adam Curry in the new studio... - YouTube

@adam watching tonight with my kids. They’re surprised at what they’re hearing.

@adam cool. Yeah that works. No wonder I didn’t see it on the video. You sound like you now! Cheers.

@adam Just heard that the podcastindex api will return json 😄.
Well that alone is worth the price of admission. 👍. No more of that pesky xml.

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"They made up the word twindemic because they need to sell the current vaccine. Twindemic, you gotta get both, one's not good enough!" — @adam 1270

Pay attention to everything, and the truth will reveal itself. @adam

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