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Holy sh%t, some dynamite jingles today, some old gems.

/ “Abu, (abu), Bakr, (bakr), al-Baghdadi.” This one bumps @adam

@adam does the perfect impression of a Redditor!

Fuck the 'estate', fuck the CCP and fuck all of you basically. Prince would never have been a SLAVE to this group: "The Music of Prince Comes to TikTok"

News orgs who call the TikTok data breach “snooping” deserve scrutiny

The book “White Fragility” is trending. Essential listening about this book on MoeFactz with Adam Curry. Start here:

Turn recipe websites into plain text

(submitted by vincent_s)

aNONbbs in 1996. this is a scan of a negative that was at the end of a roll of film that never got printed. this is bbs was run by @iczer

the figure is anakin skywalker (kenner upc mail in offer).

#bbs #1990s

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