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"We know who funds the mainstream media. Whether you're on PBS, NPR, or any of the commercial stations, your number one advertisers are pharmaceutical, telecom, and auto, and then you get your packaged goods. Pharma spends billions of dollars…" — @adam 1237

"The term at the time was: believe all women. And that had changed to: all women should be heard. And it sounds kind of the same way, the same thing…but no, it's not the same." — @adam 1239

@adam hey Adam, just listened to your Sunday podcast and you were talking about the Nevada earthquake. Joel said he saw a blue light. This was likely earthquake light caused by the piezoelectric effect of quartz. The earthquake occurred in the Walker Lane fault zone, known for epithermal Au-Ag deposits that commonly have tons of quartz. This fault likely ruptured a quartz-rich area and movement rubbed the quartz together to generate the blue light. Or aliens.

"I hope that people see this for the farce that the media is and this is the reason why the No Agenda show came to be: our own frustration about the bullcrap way the media portrays so-called news for their own agenda!" — @adam 1228

So I have a bit of a crackpot theory about the earthquakes. The mountain range where the epicenter of the earthquakes is not far from the Nevada testing range for nukes.

Could we be checking one of our nukes underground to make sure they still work?

Probably just a coincidence, but someone with more knowledge of the area can support or debunk it.

Hey y'all - the latest Moefactz is out! W00T! LGY!

I got a little "inside baseball" into one of the topics.

You will love adding this to your podcast feed. It is an incredible show. I have learned SO MUCH.

@MoeFactz @adam

Moe Factz 37 - "A Shell Game" -- Adam and Moe break down the New York Time 1619 Project, with surprising results!

As it turns out, [set pipe_decode=yes] is incredibly important when building email scripts.

@adam My partner is a health care worker and a patient he saw this week wouldn't talk through her mask. She would just make muffled sounds and point AS IF SHE HAD A MUZZLE ON. The conditioning is working.

so lets get this straight, shitty conditions and cheap skate owners of nursing homes are responsible for the lock down and theft of life from the youth, but no one can pay attention to that because they are distracted by the public shaming one gets when they dont tow the narrative line.
so is this a medicare/insurance scam being covered up?


the pink eye is just from the chemtrails

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