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I hit a client in the mouth on a call today with the April 6 date and your deconstruction. Her husband is a chef in downtown Chicago. She thought your theory made a lot of sense. It felt good to give a little NA amygdala shrinkage!

@MartinJJ @Johncdvorak

Oh -

I don't use reddit, but I just ran across this spreadsheet of resources for the job hungry.

Any port in a storm I guess. The spreadsheet has links to the job related resources:

* Job Board Sites
* Freelance Sites
* Online Communities
* Online Learning
* Unemployment Related Resources
* Charities and Emergency Funds
* Virtual Tip Jars
* Other Resources
Who is hiring during the coronavirus? Try these industries if you need a job now

"There's a discouragement of families, which means a discouragement of babies. And this is built into the economy. It's built into the school system. It's built into the colleges and that's why we have all these people that have furry babies." — @Johncdvorak 1223

I love my little human resource! She ain't takin' crap from no one. :-)
New build release with new features, improvements and bug fixes coming TOMORROW!

Please download TestFlight and follow this link to help me test my new iPhone app, Mancala World! An ancient game played with beads and holes.

This Merkel story about her having to quarantine seems to be a cover story so she can shed her skin.

I wonder if they are making Weinstein socially distance from potted plants?

A nice explanation on how chloroquine works in restricting the coronavirus RNA replication in infected cells.

The coauthor of the original paper cited in the video, Gregory Rigano, chimes in.

Another drug showing some promise favipiravir.

“Night-mareee..” - @Johncdvorak

And No Agenda episode 1227, ‘Boozing and Beefing’ is released! Already, you ask? Yep, @adam is the fastest gun in the west, I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again.

I ramble. Today’s show is absolutely exhilarating to listen to. Really dynamite. Glad the donations are coming in - we need you two. We live in strange, uniquely perilous times.

Ah, I must remember to include a show link:

@adam @thor @eriner
Thank you - with the recent changes, uploaded animated GIF files now work in Safari.

"We've been through this, we've seen it, we've been around the block, we've got the DVD, the t-shirt, the bumper sticker. Calm down! Calm down, people!" — @adam 1221

What a dynamite show today. That’s all I gotta say. And No Agenda 1227 comes to an end.

TYFYC @adam @Johncdvorak & the whole NA family. Thanks for keeping me sane in the midst of all this fuckery.

Moe Factz 30 - "School of Thought" -- Adam and Moe review the path the show has taken over the past 6 months and unfold what will happen with the vote in 2020. Some interesting racial comparisons are made along the way.

Oh @clayalchemist
Job Karma flowing your way.

Don't know if you've seen @adam 's toot about using this place (NAS) as a hub for those who are displaced.

Don't know how, but it's a splendid idea.

We need to keep that suggestion at the top of the pile as we careen down into this make believe purgatory.

I'll see if I can go back and find Adam's original toot.

Anyone know if any forward momentum has come from this?

watching movie :

and here we go: magic number 33 appears in the movie! (I wonder whether @adam mentioned this appearance on already?)

coincidence? I think not

also: genome (=DNA source code) of has 33 marker at the end


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