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It's Friday and that means GRUMPY OLD BENS!

The podcast starts at the top of the hour. The rock and roll is already happening.


And if you listen to the latest incredible episode of @MoeFactz with Adam Curry, you will learn what "white" REALLY means and what "white supremacy" really is.

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." - Inigo Montoya

@bigl0af @adam

And No Agenda 1214 is underway,

Amy Klobuchar is thinking the levels are sounding pretty guud @adam

I love Adam Curry so much. This segment on the 16,241 lies is amazing. @adam

"You don't live in the online world. You close the show when you're done, you go finish your book, you're writing vinegar stories, and I have to deal with the fallout. No one emails you, I get it all!" — @adam to @Johncdvorak 1210

“..oh I have to stand in line, now.” - @adam

And No Agenda episode 1214, ‘Stanktuary’, is out, tune in mofos!!! Amy Klobuchar thinks it sounds pretty guud.
Great stuff today, AC @Johncdvorak

Moe Factz with Adam Curry for February 5th 2020, Episode number 24- "Handle with Care"

“Knowing he was born from Diana via some character that you mentioned earlier, he may know because he’s not a lizard!” — @Johncdvorak 1207


Well, it would be nice if we had people in power who understood technology.


"Earthquake machine, it exists. It's been talked about in the United States Congress since the early 80s. Other countries apparently have this capability." — @adam 1206

This is the company that built the Iowa Caucus app that failed

A perfidy!!! - an act or instance of disloyalty. No Agenda, it boosts your vocabulary, too! - @adam

“I think it’s gonna be the 49ers .. Even though I really despise California and your team and everything about it.” - @adam to @Johncdvorak in the absolutely best-phrased Super Bowl prediction ever. The best.

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