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again for the Epstein clip right now...

Also, the questioner didn't give the option of its not real.

Wow! This is crazy.


@adam Tel Avivians can't go to the Ramallah meetup because it's illegal to enter as an Israeli citizen.

Great show 1212. Loved the helicopter crash breakdown aka pilot error

RIP Kobe

SWMBO and new-to-town woke SJW friend are at a bar talking to a black dude. Woke friend keeps beating around the bush asking questions like, “So, uh, where are the different culture centers here in town? What are the, um, diverse clubs people go to?”

SWMBO can take it no longer and says to the black gentleman: “She wants to know where the colored people hang out.”

Woke friend: 😱

Black guy: 🤣 “Ha! Well, the blacks like $THIS_BAR and the Mexicans like $CLUB.”

@MoeFactz @adam

@adam: If you've recently purchased a Smart TV, which I think all TVs are now branded as Smart TV. Can you even buy a boring old TV anymore?
@Johncdvorak: Not a good one!

@adam: That is the fix to solve climate change. Forced vasectomies!
@Johncdvorak: Hold on, I think you've made a philosophical blunder there.
A: Oh?
J: I don't think you have to force it!

@adam My NA Social tootples:

The ask: We need questions to populate our pending podcast show. Please hashtag in your reply

Please retoot far and wide!

The Baroness and I are thinking of starting a podcast titled “Marriage: the good, bad, ugly and nasty” with a No Agenda slant on marriage relationship.

We have been married for nearly 20 years and out friends keep asking how we did it. What better podcast premise???

“Do we need more lawyers, John?” - @adam , i lost it here

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