Zuckerberg got suckered into helping the Democrat party win the 2020 election, now they are tearing him down. l.curry.com/fui

Happy Anniversary to the bestest couple ever, @adam & @Johncdvorak. And they never had a fight. youtu.be/knp9-GY6fHE

@SirSpencer @adam @Johncdvorak Wow, 14 years! 🎆 🎉 🎈
I'm not sure how many years I've been following the show, but I remember NA memes like Hillarybots, who later turned into Obamabots, the former governor of TX saying "Adios, mofo" & "You can follow me on the Tweeters", the discovery of Dimensh A & B, etc. All of which means it must have been when GWB was still the president of Gitmo Nation West.

@adam @Johncdvorak tobacco and cannabis vape products are no longer allowed in USPS trucks or facilities.

Apparently the way I chose to celebrate the 14th Anniversary of The Best Podcast in the Universe was to run 15 miles while listening live. Because, you know, one extra mile for good luck. @adam @Johncdvorak



since you asked, i can tell you:

Poland joined EU in 2004 and Poland's EU accession treaty says that Poland is obliged to join Euro currency sooner or later, but Poland is postponing it for ever, saying it's not beneficial to Poland's economy.

note: also Czech Republic and Hungary hold the same opinion

but other east EU countries like Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia prefer to be in Euro currency area as additional (on top of NATO) leverage against Russia


The Woke Wine Shiraz should be Raz and the Zinfandel should obviously be Zin but WW will be Del, @adam @Johncdvorak !!!

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