@Charbax @johnww2 BBB is a global reset by the banking elites. But you knew that already. Look at what the Davis crowd is selling us and tell me this is the reset you want: mobile.twitter.com/CryptConspi

Congratulations Adam and John - Podcast Business Journal — Thanks!! l.curry.com/fkG

Have an ITM anniversary, @Johncdvorak and @adam! Thank you for your courage these past 13 years. Keep on No Agenda-ing! Boogity, boogity, boogity, Amen!

Did you know that all of our homes in the Village come fully furnished and stocked? We always desire to bring dignity into the lives of our formerly homeless friends, and that starts before they even move in. Here's one of our newly furnished homes on Phase II of CFV!
twitter.com/mobileloaves/statu #Mobile

Full-List of bots: joejoe.github.io/mastodon

@sheetposter @DCBasement News reports RECIRD NUMBER OF CASES and in the same report DEATH TOLL IS UP. This makes you think the two are related. But the increase in “cases” are not the people dying.

@FortyTwo This will of course drive adoption of the “counterfeit proof” apps and digital certificates. You have to wonder if these stories are placed.

@adam Good point about the ICU beds last show. In Germany they are playing the same game right now: "Already 1000 beds of 8000 beds are taken". If you google, you find out that we have 2000 hospitals in Germany. So there only 4 beds (1 room?) per hospital reserved for covid in average right now.

@KRDucky I freely publish my process and all settings. And yet, you hear what’s out there. Podfathergear.com

While artists on the No Agenda Art Generator don't list a gender, I do believe that having back-to-back female artists winning the album art may be a first.

I've been tracking the shows back through 2018 and don't see it happening until now!

Congratulations to @MountainJay and @Tante_Neel for raising the level of competition!

Don't get me wrong, I hate losing. But, winning due to lack of competition is not any fun either.

@adam @Johncdvorak

"The most offensive thing is he's watching Stephen Colbert." - @adam Show #1289 😂

Brought up Peter Pan on Disney+ this evening and this little disclaimer popped up.. Disney trying to stay in front of Cancel Culture....

@adam @Johncdvorak @noagendashow


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