Podcasting 2.0 Episode 48: Heartbreak Hotel
Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on podcastindex.org with a dive into Value4Value and we welcome Curiocaster developer Steven Bell to the board room! l.curry.com/fsq

Podcasting Revenue Awaits You (I have no financial involvement, but think it is valuable) l.curry.com/fsp

Earn Bitcoin while streaming your podcast! Talking Podcasting 2.0 + Podcast Index l.curry.com/fso

Brand new iOS Podcasting 2.0 app WITH value4value streaming payments NOW in Apple app store: Fountain.FM l.curry.com/fsl

@DCBasement soon you won't be allowed to listen to a podcast longer than 60 mins in California

This is the craziest fucking thing I've ever read, only because it is definitely real, and definitely implemented. Even if the author were not a high priest in the satanic church, it would be mind blowing.

Everything from chemtrails to hypnosis by EMF to Smith Mundt Act.

PSYOP is what grandpa did. Meet MindWar

@adam this is a must-read


Once again No Agenda is about a year(+) ahead of the curve. Thanks @Johncdvorak and @adam for everything you do. July 21, 2021 the CDC retracts PCR test as it can't differentiate between COVID and the flu.


Wow. I'm a little late this week but working my way through Sunday's episode:


@adam , you fucking kill me.

To all official and unofficial operators out there, I appreciate you.

@patriarchM I don't need to. I know there's a plan. I just do me best every day.


“Never, ever, ever have they done it, not once tell you to exercise, eat the right kind of foods, Vitamin D3, none of that! Never, ever, ever because they want you to be a sick, sick infested human that they pump full with their money-making crap!” — @adam 1320

From my buddy Saturn Lizards: "33 War and Peace - Feat. MC PODFATHER" l.curry.com/fsk

Internet provider downtime. That wasn't the planned downtime I had mentioned earlier. Sorry about that, folks.

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