Black Videographer attacked by vandals defacing Austin - YouTube

@SmashCast I played this double album and the double blue album down to the bone when I was a kid.

"You think they could keep it a secret but these guys are so full of themselves, they don't see any reason to. Nah, let's put it out there, let's manipulate the public and tell 'em how we're gonna do it!" — @Therealdvorak 1245

@SmashCast Always loved the vocals in one channel in this track

"All you have do is watch a minute and thirty seconds of C-SPAN to know exactly what he said, but the whole world has become headline driven. It's headline media, that's all it is!" — @adam 1237


Funnily enough, my all-time fav descriptor for beautiful is someone having pulchritude.

It was introduced to me by a high school physics teacher who also taught me hoi-polloi.

Both terms have served me well.


@Billistic @DrChris @Johncdvorak Your insinuations are annoying. But since you are so upset I will tell you that we didn’t even discuss your 3 submissions. They did not stand out.

Thank you @adam for mentioning the attachment limit is 10mb this is helpful to know

Re CNN reporters getting arrested. It may be about journalism licensing... Get rid of the citizen journos. @adam @Johncdvorak

@adam the riots here in MPLS along Lake Street affected both low, medium, and higher end businesses. Basically we had Target, CUB Foods on one side, but Wells Fargo, and another Bank burn. Plus west of the precinct in Uptown they hit Calhoun Square shopping complex, Apple Store, Timberland, H&M, ... But in between dozens of minority owned restaurants, gas stations, all phone stores, office max, plus the post office.

Dvorak (while reading a donation letter) - “he’s been listening to you since your Howard Stern appearance.”

“Which one? Oh yeah the one you railed on me for back in the day?” - @adam

@Johncdvorak *under his breath* “damn right.”

Rare form cc @Bishop @DrChris

Okay, ppl using big words for no reason, especially in donation notes is my pet peeve @adam

@chris @adam wrongly said Kayleigh Mcenany went to GWU. Honest mistake. She actually went to Georgetown (School of Foreign Service, spook ground zero!!) but GWU still got a shout out on the show.

Well goddamn if that wasn’t an amazing episode, both gents on fire today. Third time I’ll say but one for the books.

Thanks for the sanity & family. @adam @Johncdvorak

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