"You keep your mask on and you'll be safe from me. I'm going to open carry so I'm safe from you." @adam may be my spirit animal. #1313

@stewil102 I’ve been a ham over 20 years. Not only do I feel prepared for a communication emergency, it’s just a heck of a lot of fun.

I setup a page on our club’s website, w4shl.com/gettingstarted.php gives an overview for US licensing.

I encourage everyone to get their license (like @adam, @Therealdvorak & me) then get on the air and practice. An emergency is no time to have to dig out the owners manual to figure out how to use your radio.

"The reason why the No Agenda show catches so many douchebaggery things is when you're not distracted by the video, then you actually hear what's being said and sometimes it's funnier than anything." — @adam 1313

ITM Everyone! Thank you Grumpy Old Bens for the invite! This is my kind of "social media"!!

Big upgrades to NAS performance today.

@raixe @agates @jennifer @adam @Johncdvorak

That's awesome! I just added the RSS to the index. Should be searchable in Podfriend within the next 10-20 minutes!

I, on behalf of the unquestionably small amygdalae No Agenda community, currently own the rights to noagendatube.com. PeerTube is ready, registration is open, and you can publish videos as desired. Message me if, for some reason, you need your daily and/or total quota increased (looking at you @jennifer)

@adam, @Johncdvorak: Producers: Please reach out to me if you have peertube experience. We will make NoAgendaTube our own.

@tightarseindian @CSB micropayments are not possible in the mainstream monetary system.

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