Podcasting 2.0 Episode 4: Making Headway -- All the latest from the growing podcastindex.org with Adam & Dave l.curry.com/fjt

Moe Factz 49 - "Brothas Be Voting" --Adam and Moe review the Democratic and Republican conventions, who the parties were speaking to and they deconstruct it all the way down the Chaotic Magic rabbit hole l.curry.com/fjg

Podcasting 2.0 Episode 3: First Board Meeting -- Adam Curry and Dave Jones update each other on the week's progress with podcastindex.org - Topics discussed:categories, submissions, rogue feeds and a path to IPFS l.curry.com/fjd

Moe Factz 48 - "Shootist" -- Adam and Moe go deep on the third rail of topics l.curry.com/fiL

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