The only way to be green is to plant your granny in the yard. Grow tomatoes.

🧓Podcast Value
🧓Going to the Dogs
🧓Ad Revenue
🧓See & Say
🧓Anxiety Test
🧓Planting Granny
🧓TikTok Controversy
🧓Autumnal Equinox
🧓& More!

Congrats on art win #2 @nykkosyme! Nicely done!

@adam Hattrick for the Dutchies!
Congrats on your second win!!

@adam Clever word play, so good. 33 Nutrients in the Miracle·Gran! 🤣 ITM Congrats on the selection @nykkosyme 🙏 Dutch Art 👍


@Moon got blocked by a server for observing no agenda was approaching this episode. I wanted to see if I could repeat the performance, but whatever server or bot did it probably already blocked me for something silly already

@10grans v4v 1.1 to @adam


It just reported me, some dumb bot has a word filter that detects naughty words and reports you.

I might buy a knighthood soon, the show is very entertaining. Wanna get a message on the show but not sure how you send the message after you give bc relatively new listener.
@Moon, you sent 1.1 :10grans: to @adam and have 72.729410401477174525 remaining.

My understanding is you just attach it to the payment or you send it to the email with the correct subject line. I've never had them read anything so I'm not completely sure. Of course, the surest way is to send it to the PO box with a physical note.

@10grans @adam

@Moon you can usually send in a message with the PayPal donation, or a written letter if mailing a cheque. Otherwise, emailing both John and Adam tends to work, so long as you use the same email address as you use with PayPal so it can be linked up in the spreadsheet.

@adam 'Miracle Gran'. Love it 😂 Great show today.

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