@adam - An offer Joe can't refuse! Go for the tote man.. I mean it.. No Joke! @Tante_Neel always bringin' the goodies 🤣 🔥

@nessworks I should have come up with this idea myself a week ago I could have been selling them now for $33 a pop 😆


@adam Dvorak should have used the bigram “performance art” for the big boobed shop teacher.

@adam WOO HOO! EP 1487 1:38:27 mark - “Yeah, I’m OTG” (O.P.P. / A, B, C) Jingle! - pca.st/5ml80hpg#t=5908.0

@adam I think the gentleman from Louisiana said, "I'm trying to give you the world, boo."

@adam The show title reminded me Gruntz! Does anyone rememer Gruntz? Prehistoric PC game times 😀

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