No Agenda Episode 1487 Comment Thread

@adam The link on the main NA web site isn't working:

But, the one you posted on NA social does work.

@adam what is the actual donation email? I just picked several from memory along with the PayPal one.

@Zionad @adam I believe it's [email protected] but I could be wrong. If it is, feel free to correct me


hey for the travel studio, it was smooth like butta...just wish some meetup audio was a bit tighter...riiight?! whattayagonnado?

@adam I think it would be a mistake for Dems to use the migrants as a terror false flag. Would damage their objective of flooding the border states. BUT if they are so brazen they would likely blame the next pandemic on them, and Desantos by proxy.

@adam Dude, I live on Sheppard’s street in Bluffton, just around the block from the general store. Of all the places I’ve lived, from NY to Ca. and you show up in bumfuck Bluffton Ga.?? Woulda been great to meet you. Next time I guess. Lol

@adam ok finally figured it out, no more emails to

@adam The woman on NPR is laughing about illegal immigrants changing their address for two reasons.
1. Most are released without a court date.
2. Even if they have a court date, they aren't at the address they list when it comes up. They just disappear into the US and can't be found.

It is funny because it's a stupid argument and she knows it.

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