No Agenda Episode 1486 Comment Thread

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@adam thanks, great show. Once again I’m in the know.

@adam Floaty Stripper Pen had me cracking up at work (Old enough to remember those!)

@rickyspanish @adam reminds me of the nudey pen from (it's always sunny in philadelphia)

@adam ugh I just started last Thursdays episode. I never get this far behind😞

@adam The media is trying to make the train workers look like the bad guys by "disrupting transit" of vital goods and get public opinion against them. It's (as usual) disgusting.

Bump for the violent Porn spot

Accepting All Volunteers

& F2M Dom/Swaps

@adam This one had me laughing out loud. @Johncdvorak 's recent extra saltiness means something.

@adam they purposefully scheduled the emmys on Monday night football because they knew it would flop anyway, and this way they can blame it on people choosing to watch football.

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