@rdr @adam well, they each come to the show with their own clips, and topics for discussion, bit they don't discuss it beforehand, so it isn't really much of an agenda. More of an unscripted journey of deconstruction.

@thoughtcriminal @adam oh yeah they’re the only humans without agency, without an agenda
@rdr @adam @thoughtcriminal Yes, they have an agenda, but it's not hidden, it's open: value-for-value will take over the world.
@rdr @adam @thoughtcriminal You're right, it should be renamed to "SOMEAGENDA". You're IQ is 340, you BIG brain, man, congratz.

@rdr @adam @mystik or the name is using the first definition of the word:

> a list or outline of things to be considered or done


@thoughtcriminal @adam @mystik you're using an outdated version of the dictionary, I just updated it to agree with my politics and point of view. YOURARGUMENT=DESTROYED

@rdr @adam They (Curry and Dvorak) NEVER claim to not have their own opinions or agendas. The "No Agenda" is with reference to no commercial interests that would impact the quality of the show. How do you get onto NA Social and show that you haven't listened to the show?

@rdr @adam Ok so you are just being a moron. Gotcha. Good day!

🎉 🎉 🎉 @TheCapitalist
Simple and effective! Nice piece. Congrats!


@adam @TheCapitalist Only $33,000! * 😅 Another clever & brillz piece by The CA 🙏

Haven't heard the show yet, but I like the artwork. It sticks out. Must be a powerful episode.

@adam "Do it anonymously, that's what the internet is about" was glorious.
@Johncdvorak nailed it.

@adam to any fat people who are interested (like myself) in the NBC clip about artificial sweeteners, here is the link to the study.

I love this language.

"The findings from this large scale prospective cohort study suggest a potential direct association between higher artificial sweetener consumption and increased cardiovascular disease risk"


@adam the dad dealing with the Baker Act in Florida said “we brought her back” not “we broke her back.” It was just his accent that made it sound like that.

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