No Agenda #1485 Comment Thread

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@adam Why don't you put the comment thread right before the show?

@adam Well, I always type 'listening to NA' before I make comments while listening to the show. I see a bunch of other people do the same, or some just write random comments without context and you can only get it if you're listening.

@adam your list of things true 100 years ago was right of a West Wing script which was 25 years ago and also said 100 years ago.

@adam there is no law that can [email protected] US Constitution. The ground rules for running for President are in there. Not in USC18.squat

@adam There is a chapter title called "Strange fiberous clits". Think we need a boots on the ground report. I'm willing to participate if you can point me in the right direction.

@adam I'm betting "new" terms related to covid are existing words that are redefined. Declared "new" to prevent suspicion.

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