@adam I cracked up as soon as it saw it, Love it. Groovy Titling, dig the 3D text effect. 🤟 Blue & Orange is a nice touch. "& all I got was these panties!" 🤣 🤣 🤣

@adam As always, the boys knock this one out of the park from the rip.

@adam I had some password issues ( and I don’t like it problems for me, because it’s my work too ) btw Apple podcasts has 99% of the time the new show as earliest available .. and fountain app does not give me SATS in my wallet… so much for it stuff 🥵

@adam Hello.🤗 This art is funny.😂
(btw who is Ray Epps? Is he in hiding?
As it's said in Seinfeld-ese:
"What's the deal with this guy?")

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