@nessworks Very nice!!!
Congrats on the win!! 🎉 🎉 👏 👏


@adam @Tante_Neel Thank You! An homage to the classic video game days. After the show, I made lunch & came back & noticed I had a PS layer duplicate on my 1st submission. Doooh! Grateful for show selection.. so glad I posted v.2 🙏 ITM! Mario gettin' 300 for jumpin' over that fireball! 🔥 That's Ol Skool

@nessworks Isn't Mario CANCELED yet??
For being male, dodging jabs and being straight 😂😜

@Tante_Neel Another LOL! 🤣 🤣 Add it to the show notes.. Mario, now known as "Retro Mario" is an old CIS Male dodging & jumping fireball VAX jabs.. that's it, That's a Tante-Nail!

It's one of the best album artworks from this year! Great attention to detail.

I think the "1UP" & "2UP" would make more sense as "P1" & "P2" to be closer to the retro tradition, but the way you did it probably appeals to a wider audience
@adam @Tante_Neel

@Economic_Hitman @adam @Tante_Neel Thank U "EconomicHitman". Dig that handle. It was a fun piece putting together. Yeah man.. on the original Arcade game, P1, P2? Great eye on that detail! I appreciate that. Back in the day, I spent many a nights gaming at local arcade bar at a sit down 2 Player Ms. Pacman with a California Cooler! LOL 🕺 Don't even get me started on Dragon's Lair! 🤣 ITM!

@adam Excellent Artwork, more urge to listen to, to find out the context.

@adam I misheard a section, you didn't say it, but would have sounded perfect in place 😁

Congrats! @nessworks Great piece! Brings back fond memories of Atari and Nintendo. Good luck today!

@JimmyWalnuts @adam Thank You Jimbo 🙏 ITM! Great to hear about the Atari & Nintendo. Back in time 🤟 🤟 🤟

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