No Agenda episode 1474 Comment Thread

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@adam Loved the Hot "Beelink" talk on the show. I have been a big fan of the small form factors. As a secondary desktop, We have been running this MSI Cubi for years now. Small, quiet, & more than enough power for a internet/personal box. (Intel Core i7 5th Gen i7-5500U 2.40 GHz DDR3L SDRAM) I checked out the Beelink specs on Amazon, impressive for the price & a current coupon! P.S. U gotta love that High Tech cable management system on the CUBI. 🤣 🥴

@adam why is the speaker traveling internationally and performing international diplomacy? Isn't that the executive branch's responsibility?

@adam the push for overusing the defense production act is to make the public more complacent with government meddling with private production, aka communism.

@adam As an American I am far more afraid of the CIA, FBI and the larger surveillance/intelligence state than Al Qaeda and al-Zawahiri, and feel that lobbyist for Raytheon, GE, Google, Big Pharma, and insurance are a far bigger threat to democracy than a hoard of Trumpers strolling into the capital. And I say this as generally a leftist that loathes Trump as much as I loathe Biden. Funny that were big questions as to whether Bin Laden and al-Zawahiri were already dead before assassination

@adam anyone remember the image software John mentioned? That would open any format, the VLC of image software?

@suorcd @adam thank you. The default photos app in windows 10 is absolute crap

@Afflicted @adam I gave up a M$ Windows a decade, so I can’t speak to how fit for purpose it’s default apps are.

@suorcd @adam I mainly use PopOS at home now. At work I still have to use windows so this will come in handy there.

@Afflicted @adam when I tried PopOs it was pretty good, when I tried it. I currently go between Ubuntu and archLinux

@suorcd @adam I've dropped Ubuntu since they forced snaps for Firefox. I just don't like the path they're heading down. If I wanted to be controlled I'd use Windows


She does not quite get who sits on top of a Woke Culture. But that's only because Woke Culture doesn't get it, either.

Point being,
On top of the pole of a Woke Culture sits the disabled indigenous queer trans-financiel otherworld being.

So I guess one could say, that a Woke Culture would have to be non retardophobic. And also that the current Woke Culture is not quite there yet, because it actively doesn't want to deal with its inherent retardation.

Sometimes it seems as if the only way out of this is the propagation of the formula

More Cancel! Less Culture!

Just cancel everything already and simply let the people finally get on with their lives...

But one would have to watch out not to place a disabled indigenous queer trans-financiel otherworld being of jewish heritage at the top of that pole.
That would be plain and simple antisemitism.

Which seems to be peculiar in and of itself, because plain and simple antisemites are at the other side of the pole even further down than straight white cis men.

Again, current Woke Culture missing the point completely since heritage as such is a question prior to the one what it consists of.

At least sometimes Woke succeeds in being non-retardophobic by jamming old somewhere in there between the white and the male.

So there's hope, I guess

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