@adam Great piece byKorrectDaRekard, Love the Tv Guide theme & creativity. "Stay Tuned!" Impressive art time frame to get that piece in! 👍 Get well soon Adam. 🙏

@adam @Johncdvorak Thank you again for doing the work. Congrats to @korrectdarekard on a slick looking piece!

@adam On Pocketcasts it did not show up as a new episode. I can play it but it was identified as #1471. Here both 1471 and 1472 are named "Smugly" noagendashow.net

@SRChadfield @adam I haven’t listened to the whole episode in Pocket Casts, but the bit I did listen to worked fine.

It looks to me like the number in the title is wrong within the feed still, but let me know if you’re having other trouble with it in Pocket Casts.

@adam Weirdly the new episode isn't appearing on Pocketcasts

@5jQZjRozrPJ6EK are you still having trouble with it? The episode looks okay in Pocket Casts from here.

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