Clubbing, it's not just for seals anymore. Tune in now to find out the latest about:

🌭Yummy Bugs
🌭Biden's Health
🌭Media Disinformation
🌭Trans 1st Grader
🌭Moon Landing
🌭& More

Fantastic artwork from @nessworks! Kudos! Get your bug dogs today!

@nessworks @Johncdvorak @adam didn’t have time to finish that one so just threw it in incomplete. Needed them to search for ISO’s for about ten more minutes… laptop crashed midway through it :(

@adam @Johncdvorak I'm totally stoked & blessed with the selection today. A special piece for me.. As I have been working on developing my sketching & digital artwork skills. Here is a couple of sketches, based on classic clip art look, from the idea to finished submission. Added some eyes & worked out the BG theme in Photoshop. (Also a sketch of the Cock Roach Head & arms, v.2) Thank U AC⚡JCD the selection & for another great show. 🙏

Nice artwork, @nessworks congrats! BTW, a while back I had a cartoon idea for Amber Heard popping out of a cuckoo clock saying "poo poo", "poo poo". Might still have a use for it if the appeal turns into a fiasco.

@JimmyWalnuts Thank you Jimbo 🙏 I like your idea with the Cuckoo - Poo Poo" That is clever. 🤟 That is it man, coming up with an idea that totally "pops".. & can displayed visually, instantly see, etc... That is a GOOD one! It will fit the medium well too. 👍 ITM!

@JimmyWalnuts Jimbo, A funny story for U. I had seen a video on the Ilhan Omar & AOC fake arrest the night before. I was thinking "CON AIR II". I couldn't get that vision out of my head of Steve Buscemi aka "Garland Greene" being wheeled out in the Hannibal Lectar Hand Truck! Replace AOC in the hand truck! 🤣 🤣 🤣

@nessworks I must've missed Con Air II. Might have to watch it now. Sounds like a winning artwork concept, though! :niccagemanic2:

Feel free to run wild with the Poo Poo clock if you find the use.

@JimmyWalnuts 😉 Probably before your time! A movie so "Bad" it's "Good". Now if only we can get Nicolas Gage in board! 🤣 🤣 🤣

@adam that is the first guy to B lock me . I never heard of him did I ?

@adam This is a little bit late, it was Jane Pauley not Katie Couric

@adam Why the disappearance of Kyrsten Sinema? Couldn't have anything to do with attending the recent Bilderberg conclave.
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