@sirreginaldvangleason @adam 😉 🤣 That's what I love about art.. Interpretation! We all know we love that "3" theme, 3 vintage stars, 3 Martini's.. and now we have a possible Threesome! Now that's a Father's Day to remember! 🤟 🎉

@nessworks congrats on the father's day threesome art 😂😂

@Tante_Neel Thank U, I had a good feeling with the retro vibe.. Ol' Skool Father's Day. Your gift ideas were so creative, the classic goat coffee Ccp, the socks! I found myself looking at the details on the spices. A NA original: C & D BBQ spices. So funny & original. Give your Dad some Karma! 🙏 🤣 🤣

@nessworks I knew father's day art was likely to be picked so I had time to think about what to make. I went with the classic father's day gifts.
I tried, as a throw back to the 70's, to digitally make a clay ashtray but it looked like a turd 😂

They did in real life too though.
I think dad got about 4 or so from my younger brother and me over the years 😂
He stopped smoking before I was born.

@Tante_Neel You have a true talent for coming up with creative show ideas, consistently! 😉 My folks have/had a similar plight with smoking. Both quit when I was early teenager. 🙏 Yeah the ash tray.. The "NOT Submitted" folder! Should we do a 6 Month 2022 'Not Submitted Artist Thread?" I'll send u a quik DM with minor details 🤟

A 3 martini lunch? Classy art. Good work @nessworks
I dug your Fauci "Snake Oil Sauce" art, too.

@JimmyWalnuts @adam Thank you Jimbo 🙏 The 3 Martini & Beer tray has taken on a life of it's own! The interpretations have been great & really funny! From Mama gettin' here drink on, Dad gettin' his booze on.. a special Father's Day Swinger's session! 🤣 What a gift from Mama! LOL To a full on Party! Now that's Retro Father's Day. TYFYC. ITM!

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