Podcasting 2.0 Episode 90: "J and K" -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on

@adam as an army medic we used to have to set up a wet ball thermometer during the summer. If the wet ball temperature went to high all training was halted. This was because of the potential of heat stroke. It’s BS that “SADS” is caused by wet ball temperatures. Had people been dropping dead of heat stroke maybe. Then they’d yell Global warming.

The #podfather knows all!
A must for aspiring masters. In fact, I'm taking these big ass siccors to my mouse cord right now! My digits will never leave these supple keys again.

And MUTT... I laughed all the way to work this morning.

I cried a little knowing the podfather is using EMACS. Amazing. I'm on board now. I'm filling up on sats now.

@linksofsilk @adam I don't know how I've been in Linux for 25 years and never knew this. My life has been a sham!

@dave @adam
Haha. You must not be a VIM sadists like myself. I very much hate myself and execute punishment by using Colemak on the Kinesis A2.

@linksofsilk @adam Is that your legit keyboard? It makes my head hurt.

@dave @adam
That's the office driver! Took some time to get used to, but my years long hand pain disappeared after month or so.

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