This is the podcast you're looking for! Tune in now for:

🚘Calling JCD
🚘Drinking Squirt
🚘Fauci Got Covid-19
🚘Americans In Ukraine
🚘Spontaneous Death
🚘Air Force One Paint Job
🚘& More!

Congrats to @TanteNeel for another stellar win & a dominating year!

@darrenoneill Thanks Darren.
I really liked your phone for sentimental reasons. I have my grandparents first phone here.
It probably still works but I don't have the outlet anymore.

@Tante_Neel That is very cool! I love old phones. I got an adapter so my Mickey Mouse phone I had as a kid would work with our VOIP service.

@darrenoneill I have one like this (it's in a box downstairs somewhere) The microphone on the earpiece was crap. But I used it for yrs. Until my mum bought me a proper phone because she was unable to hear what I said 😂

@Tante_Neel But it's so cute! 😜

I have one of these plugged in next to the recumbent bike in case anyone calls.

@darrenoneill @Tante_Neel This is from my wife's families house. I rewired it to work with modular jacks and bought a gizmo so it could dial out on our VOIP. Volume is a little low but it works. The hand set weighs a ton

@Dougnk that's a cool one too! 😍
And yes the bakelite is heavy!


@Dougnk @darrenoneill @Tante_Neel old along with new. i used to have this old bastard on Vonage and it worked! People got a kick out of it...

@Dougnk @octopete @darrenoneill very cool seeing you all still having (and using!) old phones 😁

@octopete @darrenoneill @Tante_Neel yes, I have an Obi, can't rember the model #. Just pay $25 a year for 911. It's optional but I figure if there are working phones in the house they should work like you would expect them to.

Great show and phenomenal show art. Love the covfefe joke living on.

@adam @Tante_Neel On 🔥! Great piece for a great show. You are crushing it 👍 Always great ideas, creativity & execution. Tante_Neel Rocks 🤟 🤟 🤟 Congrats on the selection. 🙏 🎉

@nessworks Thank you! Your Biden piece is funny. Don't know what the dino refers to but it made me laugh 😁


@Tante_Neel @adam "Fossil Fuel Jihad" > Make more oil dinosaurs! 🤣 Watchu' talkin about Willis! 😆

@nessworks 😂 I wasn't born yet when dinosaurs ruled. It's a reference I don't get 😂😂😂😂

@adam when do the chapters become available in new podcasting apps? Is this something that gets updated after the show is available?

@adam @Johncdvorak so that thing about thinking it's illegal to ask someone how much they make. My assumption is that this is something that comes from work experience. Every employer I have had has made it seem that we can't know what co-workers make, to the point that there would be consequences for discussing the topic. I can't imagine that my past employers are the only ones taking this approach.

@bigt2000 @adam @Johncdvorak

but there are books that provide a general figure for certain jobs

@mumble_tank @adam @Johncdvorak Employers are all different. I am just saying that in my experience HR has always made it like discussing pay was completely against the rules to the point of getting in trouble/terminated.

@bigt2000 @adam @Johncdvorak

of course because they are paying different people different salaries/wages for the same job
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