No Agenda Episode 1460 Comment Thread

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@adam Hopefully not a dud like the last episode....😜

@adam About that Irish guy whining about NATO, I disagree. It's not so bad that western europe is US centric (no matter how smelly those people are) and smashing socialism is pretty OK.

@adam I liked 90 percent of it and laughed twice. I give it 9 out of 10 contagious boil syndromes.

@adam I had to watch a chainsaw safety video that was traumatizing to say the least.

@adam the IRS has no issue asking you how much money you make...

@adam to see how the conventional cattle are raised in the USA, watch the documentary "King Corn". They talk about how CAFO cows are days away from keeling over before going to slaughter.

@adam aren't American mercenaries working for another country ILLEGAL!? This was an issue with the Flying Tigers in China (WWII). At the very least, do they have to register as a foreign agent with the US government?

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