No Agenda Episode 1459 Comment Thread

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@adam Train companies own the rail they run on. They can make a lot of mischief if they close access to their routes.


@adam @Johncdvorak A country's territorial waters extend 200 miles when it comes to economic activity, including offshore energy production. It's called the Exclusive Economic Zone. I believe John mentioned a 12 mile territorial water zone in reference to the Israel-Lebanon offshore drilling dispute.

@adam it’s interesting you mention they may cut to Ukraine during the January 6 show case.

A guy I know has been doing photo journalism in Ukraine (was there in beginning of the conflict and spent time with Azof) has mentioned hes on the way back to document the War.

@adam rank choice voting solves the 1992 problem where a vote for Perot became a vote for Clinton. (The theory was, a Perot voter would have voted Bush.) With rank choce one can vote:
1) Perot
2) Bush
3) Mickey Mouse
4) Pol Pot
5) Clinton

If no one wins on the first vote, the votes for the last placed candidate are changed to each voters' next selection.

Book of knowledge entry:

@33over10 @adam this just makes the two party system more entrenched, but it already is so idk

@rdr @33over10 @adam

Ranked choice sounds appealing on a first theoretical pass. Think about it for a second and it is a disaster. Go with just the practical implications alone. How do you calculate all of that? It makes it less transparent and more complicated which we have seen is not going to serve anyone but those already in power.

@33over10 @adam

Approval voting is simple, and easy it. IRV, Ranked Choice etc are intended to poison the well. See

@Scruffynerf @adam So I can vote to approve Bush and Perot AND Mickey Mouse? I think I like it. Certainly simpler.

@adam $50 buck gun buy back! That must be adjusted for inflation from the Detroit buy back 15 or so years ago. They only offered $20 gift cards to Meijer.

@adam Re: Idaho pride parade glow op with Uhaul full of dudes, this is my town and the whole thing is bizarre. We’re an insignificant small city nowhere near a notable metro area. Very suspicious that people would come from all over the country here for what is a tiny gay event that few people in town support.

Also, we are the former US headquarters for the Aryan Nations with Richard Butler. We’re familiar with REAL hate groups. This was nothing like a real one. Had to be an FBI op.

@adam I know your not going to talk about the drivers Ed videos again, but most of those were made in Ohio where I’m from. I had to watch them in drivers education then when I went to Korea in the military I had to watch them all over again to get my Korean military driver’s license.

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