Professor doesn't understand the difficulty adjustment. Probably never even looked in to it

@adam eg, the deterministic inflation rate of 10,000 Dogecoin per block, is a guaranteed failure of the project due to inability to harness... Let's call it "maximum system Torque..."

First he says that prospecting for gold involved grisly, hysterical, pickaxes, digging, the wearing appalling hats, standing in rivers, massacring Indigenous people.

Then he says that bitcoin prospecting is a genteel armchair activity involving computers.

And then somehow he concludes "So you can understand why bitcoin mining looks a bit like a contemporary version of what happened in California in the 1840s"

All I can say is those two things don't look anything a like.

@harvhat @adam the author states that the current block reward is 6.3 BTC. About $1,400 moar than the correct value of 6.25 BTC. Also: pi is exactly 3.

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