@Kennyben nice one @Tante_Neel

That there some tantalisingly tasty artwork there!

@adam @Tante_Neel @TheCapitalist I love the Donkey Taco! Now I'm hungry 🤣 Congrats on the show selection today Tante_Neel 🎉 👏 👍

Hunker down with a few mystery meat tacos & listen to TBDPITU!

🌮Oreo's A Knockoff
🌮Top Heavy Fans
🌮Bitcoin Gas
🌮Lifesaver Gummies
🌮Pride Train
🌮Saying Dvorak
🌮Chicago Sucks
🌮Deep-State Dog
🌮& More

Another ass-kicking piece of art from @Tante_Neel Congratulations!

@adam @Kennyben @GWFF @TheCapitalist @nessworks @darrenoneill Thank you 😁

I think we have a theme going with two animal merges in a row that won. Nessworks' Bee(f)ish the previous show and now the donkey taco.

@darrenoneill @adam @GWFF @nessworks @fletcher @Kennyben @Tante_Neel @CarBlanez33 been working on this animal piece the last couple days… it’s a bit esoteric but maybe it will make sense. Next steps would be to add a stone reference to the left part of the background and an air reference to the right side. Anything look wrong or you think could be better?

@TheCapitalist @darrenoneill @adam @GWFF @fletcher @Kennyben @Tante_Neel @CarBlanez33 I dig the color scheme of the lion's mane & the horizontal balance of the scythe. You have a knack, a cool clean style. Phenomenal piece. 🙏

@fletcher @Tante_Neel @adam @Kennyben @TheCapitalist @nessworks @darrenoneill @CarBlanez33

Yeah you and the coupla hundred thousand years or so of angelic sex magic what turned the good olde 'Hog' into the modern day 'Pig' capable of growing human organs.... I wonder how that happened... But yeah that bacon and the other other white meat.

Why the heck am I telting about Hogs to the Hog story peeps?

I dunno holiday @GWFF is a tit I guess.

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