No Agenda Episode 1458 Comment Thread

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@adam Great Show today AC⚡ JCD. Thank You for the Hot Art Segment talk. Netsworks! "Spot on" man, you got it.. we take gambles at times & pieces end up in our "Not Submitted" folder. Rewarding when we hit a story on the head. We are thinking about a "Non-Submitted" thread on NA Social, for FUN, 4 the Art Community to share their non submitted pieces. End of year or maybe or 2x a year thread. ITM & Stay Safe!

@adam ITM; my 12 year old self was also cracking up over De-boner.. 😂

@adam That Barney Miller clip is very awesome, going to see if I can find it on YouTube

@adam I’m pretty sure the guy says “Europeans are enduring record high inflation.”
But his affected accent makes it sound like “enjoying”.

@adam the Brit news guy was saying "enduring high inflation", not "enjoying".

@adam I see no one commenting on the fact that it seems JCD was incorrect about flare gas generation of electricity. A simple search seems to verify this is being done. Adam correct, JCD calls of BS, incorrect.

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