@darrenoneill congratulations, I guess Adam doesn’t hate you anymore 😂😂
Such a funny piece. 🤩🤩

@darrenoneill @Kennyben Reminds me of looking through the Sears Christmas catalog 40 years ago. Lovely art 👊

@darrenoneill 🎉 🎉 🎉 Congrats!!
And good to see you back!


@darrenoneill That must have helped. @Kennyben knows all about that. She won album art while still in the hospital last year. 😂


@adam @darrenoneill @Kennyben Absolutely hilarious piece Darren. 🤣 Congrats on the show selection. Where can I get one of these 'Junior Pilot Sets' ? I need one ASAP. P.S. Glad u r feeling better. 🙏

@adam Adam, I've been in aviation for a long time...I was happy to hear I wasn't the only one who smells BS with this emergency landing in FL.

Listen to that guy on the radios...not even a stutter. N Number rolled right off the tongue. Bullcrap!

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