@adam Thanks for picking my art! 😁

Did you see the "Thanks for not aborting me" thread on the generator?
I asked the artist if they would join me to post their baby/childhood photo as a tribute to their mums.
A lot of them did. It was great to see the baby artists!
So thanks everybody! ❤️

@adam @Tante_Neel Congratulations on the Mother's Day selection. Dug the creativity of the Artist's sharing photos with your template today. 😉 It was fun. "Tante_Nailing It!" 🙏 "AC⚡JCD Rocking it!"

@nessworks @Tante_Neel We laughed loudly at the artist's inside joke on not being aborted.

@adam Not a joke!
If it weren't for our mums you wouldn't have had artists to make artwork for the show 😉


Read "The Colder War" from Marin Katusa, who studied Putin's rise to power. Find out that grabbing oligarchs assets is exactly what Putin has been doing for decennia. Grabbing their assets is in favour of Putin's rise to more totalitarianism.

"Thanks" to all who virtue signal this asset grabbing is a good thing!


Is there anyone out here that will link me to the version with the timestamped chapters? Pretty please. Hope everyone has a great week 💖

Here is a web based Podplayer. When you open it up, in hit the play button for the podcast, and it'll start playing in the bottom window. In the bottom left, there will be the show art, click that, and that will change as the show plays, but once you open that window, at the top, there's a link to show the break down of the chapters.

@adam omg…. I am so shocked and honored to have a show named after me.

@Tante_Neel @adam although I have 25y experience in the paper industry, my knowledge of toilet paper isn’t as deep as what Adam reported. So it must have been from another knight. I have actually left Munich (where the Munch comes from München)

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