No Agenda Episode 1449 Comment Thread

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My theory is the republicans leaked the draft. Given the draft was done in Feb, the dems may have wanted to sit on it until closer to the election cycle. Leaking it early gets it out of the news cycle by then, per last Thursday's show discussion.

Not sure they are actually smart enough to pull off that much forethought though.

I have to say something, I didnt when you called Miranda Devine's accent British, but likewise that France 24 clip was an Australian accent.

It hurts, but not as much as when you attempt it.


@adam Hour and a half into todays show, through the Covid segment. No clips from Geert though. Come on man! Nina needs work


Wouldn't the manufactured virus be easy to deconstruct?

It's all media including bats, lab leak, and specific antibodies.

If you needed fear, a thriving pharma cartel and trillions in currency would you wait for a sneeky flying partially alive organism to show up? Or would you just "wag the dog" the whole thing?

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