The BDPITU blasted through the BS with a fantastic Sanco De Mayo episode!

🌮New Time
🌮Depp & Heard
🌮Pro-Life Left
🌮SCOTUS leak
🌮Pfizer Docs
🌮Dog Time
🌮Save Water, Don't Shower
🌮Rwanda Express
🌮& More!

Kudos to @nessworks for an elegant piece of artwork! Muy Bueno!

@darrenoneill Thank you Darren. Your 4 hour RNR pre shows are phenomenal 🙏 Helps gets those creative juices flowing. ITM & "Rage On!"

😂 "cingrats" @nessworks
The management in capitals was the element that gave you this win! Well done 🎉


@Tante_Neel @nessworks @adam

YES! Saw that immediately and made me lel. Perfection.

I am going to start signing all impor'an' emails and written correspondence with "THE MANAGEMENT."

@jennifer @Tante_Neel @adam Tahnk you Dame Jennifer. 🙏 Yeah, I have been on the receiving end of many similar corporate chain emails ... I immediately started laughing with that back & fourth with AC⚡JCD 🤣 The ALL CAPS! The motivation behind the piece. I'm still laughing! My favorite was the management CC email chain that ended with ALL CAPS: "YOUR THOUGHTS?"

Nice win!
Couldn't listen live today 😒
Sounds like some entertaining catching up to do...
@jennifer @Tante_Neel @adam

@Tante_Neel @adam You crack me up! "cingrats"! 🙏 Thank you Tante_Neel.

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