Grab your 70's slang dictionary and chillax with TBDPITU. You dig?

🪖 Twitter Anonymity
🪖 Elon Real Deal
🪖 Bots Are Back
🪖 Biden's Author-i-tay
🪖 Transnistria
🪖 Yummy Yak
🪖 Culling Sheep
🪖 NYC Is Woke
🪖 Deceptive Doc
🪖 & More!

@m000se wins the artwork by a nose! Congratulations!

@adam @darrenoneill @m000se Diggin' that Vibe of that show "Socked it to Me" AC⚡JCD Outta site Brotha's! The Double Whammy by mOOOse! Bat Signal & Show Art. Congratulations on the selections. 🙏 🤟 🎉

I already said this months ago, I like this kind of humorous artwork so much better than all that pre-baked clipart stuff. This creates curiosity, besides a smile. Congrats @m000se Well done!

@adam the clip near the start where the journa asks Psaki if she is concerned that Trump would be back on twitter

The journo referred to him as "President Trump" - present tense 🤣🤣

@adam Great summary by Adam of what is expecting us on Twitter very soon. "Authenticating all humans" is a nightmare.

@adam @dvorak A nuclear war of annihilation does not give you the right to skip a show 😀

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