@adam @Kennyben "US Secretary of Transportation" 🤣🤣 So good. Congratulations Dame Kenny Ben, I continue to laugh every time i see this great piece. 🙏 🎉 👏

@nessworks thank you ☺️ that guy is such a putz, the little toy train just cracks me up. Though the technical aspect was way harder then my usual submissions. I appreciate the win! @adam

No Agenda went coast-to-coast today. Something hard to do with the current state of transportation!

🚂Flying To NY
🚂Changing Language
🚂Oil Reserves Sent Abroad
🚂Strategic Hits
🚂AC & Heat Limits
🚂& More!

A delightful piece of artwork from @Kennyben! Congrats!

🎉🎉🎉 Yaaay! Congrats on the win @Kennyben
Real funny piece! He looks like a 5yr old 😆 😆😆

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