@adam that artwork looks a little too polished / slick😂

@adam This art would make an amazing tshirt. So far my favorite.

@TheCapitalist whoohoo well done! Congrats 🎉
Just the right amount of production put into it 😉 😂


@El_Duderino @darrenoneill @Tante_Neel @TheCapitalist @adam
hate to be a stickler but... why does the mask have two ear loops on one side?

Or is that how they look nowadays?

@El_Duderino @adam @Economic_Hitman @Tante_Neel @darrenoneill lack of sleep is to blame.. apparently my brain stopped working mid art. It’s funny I didn’t think twice I just added the extra loop for all the three eared folks out there I guess.

@Tante_Neel @TheCapitalist @adam
I also needed to laugh right away with your Biden egg 😎

@adam @TheCapitalist Beautiful work. Love it the second I saw it 👍 Congratulations on the selection CA 🙏 🎉 Great Show AC⚡JCD

@adam thank you for choosing my art. Have not had a chance to listen to the show yet as I am at work and just got a break. Thank you to everyone for the kind words!

@adam easily one of the best pieces of album artwork

@adam I kinda liked that the mask tan line was Under her nose since 99% of people were wearing it that way. I think it was deliberate to the art work.

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