I was soooo hoping this would win. Made me lol as soon as I saw it.


@jennifer @Tante_Neel but now we have to look at Joe Biden until Thursday's show is published!

@Tante_Neel ha! I told you this was awesome, congratulations 🤩🤩 the Merry Christmas did it for me, so funny!

@jennifer @Kennyben Thanks ladies 😁
Wasn't able to listen live so I uploaded it this morning before I left. Was pretty sure they'd pick an Easter piece but didn't know if I got the right joke. Guess I did 😂


@adam Thanks for picking my art. ❤️

I know the Americans don't recognize the eggshell hat. Do you?

@adam @Tante_Neel @jennifer @Kennyben Merry Christmas & Congratulations! 🙏 🤟 🎉 Yeah, I immediately cracked up when I saw this too! 🤣 So on point!

@nessworks Thank you.
Should have added my tag 😉
And merry Christmas to you!
Or as we say...

@adam This reminds me of a cartoon I watched back when I was a child in LatAm, called Calimero, who had the catchphrase 'Es una injusticia' (It's an injustice).

@spanishrelease Good eye. That is Calimero's eggshell that I used.
Surprised to learn it is known outside of Europe.
Calimero said the same thing here (with an annoying voice) "They are big and I is small and that's not fair"

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