Don't let the M5M color your world-view. Find out about:

🎨Subway Shooting
🎨33 Shots
🎨Rear Liar
🎨Big Package
🎨Headline Inflation
🎨No Mail For You
🎨Truckers Trapped
🎨Forced Transplants
🎨Snake Venom
🎨& More!

Congrats to @nessworks for being tagged with the art win!

@adam 👏 👏 👏 Nice one @nessworks even got your own tag in 😀

@Tante_Neel @nessworks
I just noticed the Ness Works tag! Love it, well done and congratulations 😁

@Kennyben @Tante_Neel Thank You Dame Kenny-Ben. Inspired by the Graffiti talk, had a great morning listening to the AC⚡JCD & working out the concept. ITM 🤟

@Tante_Neel @adam Thank you Tante_Neel. I know right! When JCD was breaking down the tag term as it pertains to Graffiti Art. I couldn't resist! 😉 I had a good feeling about this one 🤟

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