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Lol Danke, 😂 you beat me to it.
I was just about to post that Monty Python Shrubbury clip, but decided to check first

@adam Re your vacation drama. It's wasn't whining..didn't even come x that way. They cancelled your vacation. That's a pretty big deal in anyone's world. I see it as a cautionary tale for anyone traveling right now.

@1033north @adam 2020 William Chris Blend. 35% Syrah, 30% Mourvedre, 33% Grenache, 2% Tannat, 1% love. From Greg "The welder" Davis and Lia "The welder's wife".

@SirTimTunnels @adam @1033north Stryper, more travel details, their breakfasts of champions, finding a higher power, and The Keeper's bisexual past!?!

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As a former Catholic, I can say most of the differences are organizational and relatively small theological ones between Catholic, Anglican/Episcopal, and Lutheran

Here are a couple of sites that provide more detail though.

Catholic vs. Lutheran: askanydifference.com/differenc

Lutheran vs. Episcopal/Anglican:

I wish you well regardless of which direction, if any, you choose to take. Faith is an interesting journey

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I'll also point out that Catholicism is VERY conservative on social issues whereas Anglican and Lutheran are much more relaxed.

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