NA Episode #1416 Comment Thread

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@adam hope the troll room was hot. I’ll listen tonight

@a13z @adam yeah, I only got to listen to the first ten minutes including the Valkyrie and Hit It! Tuned in to the donation segment and some part of second half of show and decided I'd save it for a more solid listen.

@Madness11 try it in a Podcasting 2.0 app available at enjoy the chapters. )

@adam no local calls it sno-kwal-uh-me, JCD is incorrect.

@metalhead1969 @adam Bret Weinstein has been pretty on top of vitamin D since the beginning if I remember. I listened weekly for probably the first 50 episodes.

@drebscott @adam noagenda art stuck on the red heart in my car phone cycles art perfectly any idea?

@drebscott @adam it's been stuck there for about a month. It does show the show art at the beginning but once the chapter art starts we get this old one from way back.

@drebscott @adam looks like it's working again with episode 1424 don't know why unless you did something

@adam During the show, I tried to check out JCD’s Etsy store. It’s gone! Inquiring Minds want to know what happened to it.

We have a device at work stuck on the same date as those Hondas. It's supposed to sync with some atomic clock or sat system and hasn't been able to for about a year. We have to manual set the time every time there's a power outage.

@adam "It was nice to hear the boys discuss how desperate the Candanavians are getting. Send HELP!"😂

@adam Hey! Maybe USA would be interested in purchasing Ontario from Candanavia? Kinda like OrangeManBad considered for Greenland. Please - send help!

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