@adam you’ve definitely heard of Yookrah - commonly pronounced Yooker, is a card game similar to Hearts where the trump card changes hand to hand, and also the reason I used as my knight name given my family’s heritage in Ohio, it is a favorite pastime of Midwesterners.

Love is Lit!

@bowduh @adam Can confirm that everyone in Indiana knew how to play Euchre. I've forgotten since my college days, there.

@krabappel @adam ‘tis like riding a bike, one hand and it’d all come back. The Right and Left Bowers (Jacks) are always the most confusing!

@bowduh @adam I truly thought @TheKeeper would have heard of it growing up in Indiana. We learned to play around the age of 10 in our family.

@adam @bowduh Euchre is a blast to play when you have 4 people who know how to. Fast paced and really fun.

@adam just listened to episode nr 1 … before I realized … the show ended. The Keeper is interesting too!

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