@adam the podfather in his natural habitat. Lookin good, VJ!

@adam Hey! This is a family friendly social media. 🤣

@adam have a few glasses of bourbon, make it interesting!

@adam I am seeing this for the first time. Do you tape this?

@Rdwicker yes. Available on all podcasting 2.0 apps

@adam like I thought, “the keeper” is imaginary

@adam love what you two are doing here with C&TK. Getting my SHW in on it. It's a nice alternative to a lot of things I listen to.

That's a great bottle. JCD would approve.

@adam the card game is pronounced "Yoo-ker" I'd never heard of it myself until I met my wife.

@adam I'm going to sneak in a succulent to my wife's collection and see if she notices.

@adam Nice 2016 Gigondas pick! - BTW I took JCD's advice and collected a bunch of 2016 Bordeaux and couldn't be happier. 😋

@adam I really enjoyed this. It's 'regular folks' just having a glass of wine and chatting. A nice, relaxing listen. Thanks for the mental health medicine!

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