Get ready when you read this headline: "The banks are appealing for emergency liquidity assistance in a multitude of currencies to put a halt to the chaos"

@adam Is the the financial version of Event 201?

@adam also: real attack takes place during simulation attack.

Since 2008, I figure the €uro will crash before the dollar. And will also be signal for that final dollar crash.

@adam Again with the film during these kinds of simulations. Who produces this?

@Haddem @adam Right. Ivtoo wonder who these mofos are.

Perhaps is that we've come accustomed/grown-up watching films, giving them so much importance, etc, that if it isn't presented in a film form, people would not believe it.

I've come desensitize to all the once cool movie sfx to signal suspense, sentiment, etc because now they are abused on every bs ad/propaganda.

A solid message does not need all the bs sfx production.

@adam another simulation... The narrative is out. This means that this spring/summer is going to be fantastic.

And whatever they're "practicing" maybe could, perhaps prevent it."


@adam I read this a couple of days ago, had a hard time sleeping that night. It’s coming.

@adam The global financial system doesn't need a cyberattack. It will collapse all by itself.

@adam Hope ya'll bought silver and gold. Its all crashing down. FTP (fuck these people)

@adam faking a cyberattack would be great way for some free liquidity assitance.

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