both lol. it will create a mini black hole lol

@adam In the race of Man against Machine, John Henry won, but he "hammered so hard that he broke his heart." Be sure to take care of yourself (and don't hammer the Keeper too hard).

@chris @adam
That's John Henry Irons.
Sorry, my inner nerd came out again.

@RickBrandon @chris @adam They introduced a live action John Henry Irons in that new 15 episode CW Superman and Lois TV series.

He's from a parallel universe where he married Lois. Clark and a bunch of Smallville folks were possessed by Kryptonian souls stored in some artifact. They all got superpowers & destroyed that planet. He wormholes to the CW verse and tries to prevent it from happening again w/his armor suit & hammer.

@Klaatu @chris @adam
Sounds interesting. Haven't seen any of the show myself and haven't watched any actual broadcast tv in months. Our TV died in July and we haven't really missed it except for Svengoolie on Saturday nights. That part I DO miss.

@RickBrandon @chris @adam John Henry was also the name of the special "good" prototype terminator in the Sarah Conner Chronicles that terminatrix played by Garbage singer Shirley Manson was teaching to stop a terminator vs terminator faction war in the future. JH named himself after the man vs machine railroad fable.

Those weird UFO stick & circle "drones" being seen at the time were worked into the story as bad faction's agents right B4 show cancelled. Probably the best of that franchise.

@adam One more thing to turn off during the Podcast.

@adam Wait, did you buy an ASIC? In 2022? With first world country's electricity cost?
That's a daring move.
@Claude @adam I knew a guy who bought into gpus in 2018, then sold after the mining dumped profitability in 2019-2020, then bough an asic 2021. Most normies don't have the guts to stand with their choices if it's not immediately profitable.

@adam I am really looking into this! Living in AZ, I was thinking that using solar panels would provide enough power. Is that what you're going to do or are using? Fascinating!! Thanks for sharing!

@adam they always end up on random furniture in the garage. Cant say I miss the noise!

@adam @SirSpencer Adam, please cover on the next show and talk about the cost, expected electricity bills, etc.

@ns @adam @SirSpencer

This is an S9 14Th/s model which consumes 1273 kWh. Braiins has a great profitability calculator, which I used with the following inputs:

-Electricity cost $0.05 kWh
-Stock firmware
-+75% difficulty adj per year
-+50% BTC price appreciation per year, which is low based on avg over its lifetime but will vary drastically
-0.2 BTC fees per block avg
-$400 for the machine upfront

Results are for 12 months. Welcome to the mining club, Adam!

@ns @adam @SirSpencer

Assuming also a HODL ratio of 100% and I just rounded the 10yr treasury note for the discount rate. Really this could be zero, which enhances the $ earned a bit.

@ns @adam @SirSpencer

Not certain on the average US kWh cost, I just used 5c as a lowball. Break even on this machine is ~15c kWh which also varies with BTC's difficulty adjustment. Even in Communist Chiraq mine is ~11c.

Although mining, even at a slight loss, is well worth it since you're dollar-cost averaging into KYC-free bitcoin. You can also find commercial power facilities where you can host your machines for cheaper kWh rates, this is what I do since my kWh is high.


At least 2 extra things you need to add into the calculation:

Extra upside:
- Savings on exchange fees for DCA'ing over time (e.g. minimum $1 per go on Coinbase)

Extra downside:
- Explaining to your wife every month why the electricity bills are so high again (not quantifiable but definitely real)

@NBS @ns @adam @SirSpencer 100% noob here but is it maybe a better investment to mine other coins besides Bitcoin?

@AndrewTheGreat @NBS @adam @SirSpencer great question - also interested in relative ROI in different coins


This guy, Econoalchemist, is a fantastic resource for all things BTC mining. Here's a detailed guide with a section "Procurement" which details how exactly to find ASICs:


A guy on Twitter named Diverter is another great account, he created the infamous (among home miners) Mining for the Streets guide:


@NBS You are a pimp! Everything I found on my own was $5k for the hardware. I had a feeling the right one would look like the old Cyber Direct stuff. NBS++

@MatthewDunaj @NBS Anyone here look into the electricity costs near Niagara Falls? Is it cheap? If it is, seems like a great place to set up miners. You know, in that house right next to where those 10 Indian dudes live.

Don't show Leo LaPorte this, he doesn't understand Crypto and will just assume it's part of your dastardly plan to rule the world.

Check out Will Prowse or Andy's Off Grid Garage on YouTube.
Easy to set up a small Off Grid system to run that 24/7, especially with your knowledge.

All my Sats are Off Grid, Stand Alone Solar powered, does it get any better?

@adam yea I’m at the point that the only thing that makes sense is this is managed collapse/simulated war

John’s bay mud has just disappeared cause of this.

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