both lol. it will create a mini black hole lol

@adam In the race of Man against Machine, John Henry won, but he "hammered so hard that he broke his heart." Be sure to take care of yourself (and don't hammer the Keeper too hard).

@adam Wait, did you buy an ASIC? In 2022? With first world country's electricity cost?
That's a daring move.
@Claude @adam I knew a guy who bought into gpus in 2018, then sold after the mining dumped profitability in 2019-2020, then bough an asic 2021. Most normies don't have the guts to stand with their choices if it's not immediately profitable.

@adam I am really looking into this! Living in AZ, I was thinking that using solar panels would provide enough power. Is that what you're going to do or are using? Fascinating!! Thanks for sharing!

@adam they always end up on random furniture in the garage. Cant say I miss the noise!

Don't show Leo LaPorte this, he doesn't understand Crypto and will just assume it's part of your dastardly plan to rule the world.

Check out Will Prowse or Andy's Off Grid Garage on YouTube.
Easy to set up a small Off Grid system to run that 24/7, especially with your knowledge.

All my Sats are Off Grid, Stand Alone Solar powered, does it get any better?

@adam yea I’m at the point that the only thing that makes sense is this is managed collapse/simulated war

John’s bay mud has just disappeared cause of this.

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