Joe Rogan: I Have A Lot Of Hope For Bitcoin - Bitcoin Magazine

@adam I agree, I just see the SDR from the IMF as the peg for assets eventually. So BTC's worth in $$ is somewhat meaningless.

Good podcast appearance, you downloaded as much as possible while being cool! Love you guys. Thanks for the community

@Livelylandscapes @adam @Johncdvorak
Sorry & not trying to be a killjoy. Is it just me or did it seem like JR doesn't listen to NA, but has people who listen for him? I mean JR is an alt media guy who makes $180 mill a yr, which prob means there is nothing alt about him.
I will say it was a great Interview Adam! You're truly an ideas guy.
But NEVER leave your drink unattended at the JR Studio & maybe bring your own Covid swab.
Just saying.
The future needs you. Stay safe.


@adam @Johncdvorak
He's not perfect, still very California, probably doesn't have time to listen maybe not interested. Definitely has little birds on both sides whispering sweet nothing's in his ear. Personally was frustrated with him over the years....but he has done so so so much to spread light on some issues with his platform. Just having Adam on or Alex is revolutionary in these days of censorship. I think they all need to watch their drinks, us included 😉

@Livelylandscapes @adam @Johncdvorak
I love what JR has done for NA. He helped Adam & John grow their audience. NA has a pretty huge reach. I tend to think the Mass Formation awareness was born out of NA. Adam brought it up weeks ago. Seems like the spooks were activated quickly. JR doesn't operate independently. He is given a curriculum. It's the people who create the JR curriculum and the people above them that I don't trust.

Yes! Curriculum! That's a perfect description /analysis. spot on
@adam @Johncdvorak

@adam Let's get Texas Slim @modernTman on Rogan and really bring it all together for the common good.

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